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Snips for Autism

Haircuts for children with autism can be hard, sometimes traumatic.  Many parents and hair stylists are unaware that with the use of some simple behavior analytic techniques, haircuts could be easy and even fun for the child.  Behavior Analysts are experts at dealing with challenging behaviors but we are not hair stylists and often lack the resources (i.e. haircutting cape, salon chair, salon tools, a Stylist) to help improve a child’s experience at the salon.

Good news Miami, we finally found a solution to this problem!  Every month a salon will open their doors for at least 1 hour to the autism community and a team of experienced behavior analysts.  During this time, children with autism and their families are invited to practice the haircut experience with the behavior analyst and the stylist on-site.  An actual haircut will NOT take place but stylists will act out the cut with the child while the behavior analyst coaches the parents and stylist on what to do to improve the child’s behavior.  In addition, the behavior analyst will work on helping the parent and stylist learn desensitization and exposure techniques to further improve the child’s experience and ultimately make hair-cuts tantrum free. 

The best part is that this is a FREE community program.  The program runs once a month and appointments are necessary.  Priscilla Deal, BCBA is the founder of Smiles for Autism and organizes the program each month.  If you would like to participate in the program or make a donation to keep this program running, contact Priscilla at 786-571-5726.  To make a donation to support these free programs go to gofundme.com/MIAbehaviortherapy

Smiles for Autism

Oral health can be very challenging for some children with autism.  Many dentists simply aren’t equipped to deal with the challenging behaviors your child may display at the dentist office.  They often have to resort to the use of sedation or restraint. Behavior Analysts are experts at dealing with challenging behaviors but lack the resources (dental office, chair, a DENTIST) to help your child conquer trips to the dentist. 

The Smiles for Autism Program is an effort to break this barrier! Behavior Analysts will team up with Miami dentists every month to help improve your child’s dental experience and improve their oral health!  Much like the Snips for Autism Program, Smiles for Autism is a rehearsal. Your child will practice sitting in the dental chair and will be exposed to the dental tools.  An actual cleaning will not take place but the behavior analyst will work on desensitizing the child through exposure techniques to improve the child's future experiences at the dentist.

Again this is a FREE program for children with autism and founded and organized by Priscilla Deal, BCBA.  If you would like to participate an appointment is necessary.  Appointments or donations can be made by contacting Priscilla directly at 786-571-5726.  If you would like to donate to support these free programs go to gofundme.com/MIAbehaviortherapy