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A variety of services to meet your child's needs

Behavior analysis services are needed for a variety of reasons and for all types of children.  Miami Behavior Therapy has specialized in treating children with developmental disabilities and behavior challenges, including children with:


  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (including PDD-NOS & Asperger's Disorder)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Feeding Disorders (severe food refusal/picky eaters)
  • Typically developing children whose behavior has become unmanageable


  1. Verbal behavior (Alternative to speech)
  2. School shadowing
  3. potty training
  4. ​Social skills/Play skills
  5. haircut desensitization
  6. School consultation
  7. Behavior management
  8. Feeding behavior therapy
  9. Parent coaching
  10. self-care skills training


Verbal Behavior Therapy

Verbal Behavior Therapy focuses on teaching communication using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and is based on a theory of language developed by B.F Skinner.  Verbal behavior (VB) teaching methods help reduce problem behaviors that are often associated with a child's inability to communicate.  We utilize the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VBMAPP), developed by Mark Sundberg. This tool helps us determine the language deficits and needs of the child so we can develop your child's individualized language program.  Some examples of verbal behavior goals are:

  • > Requesting 
  • > Labeling 
  • > Conversational language 
  • > Listener responding (listener skills)

Social Skills Training

Children need to learn certain social skills early on in life in order to lay the ground work for more complex social concepts as they grow older.  Social skills encompasses a large area of skills such as:

  • > Improving Peer Interactions 
  • > Play Skills
  • > Understanding Emotions
  • > Problem Solving
  • > Group/Classroom Skills
  • > Understanding Unspoken Social Rules 

Skill Acquisition

The traditional way of learning everyday skills may be an extremely challenging way for your child to acquire daily living and leisure skills.  Our therapists break these skills into smaller parts so your child can learn at a rate in which they can be successful.  Improvement in daily living and leisure skills can help decrease the incidence of socially inappropriate behaviors and strengthen independence in every day life.  Some skills we commonly work on are:

  • > Toileting
  • > Hand washing
  • > Hair Brushing
  • > Tooth Brushing
  • > Dressing
  • > Independent Play Skills

Parent Coaching and Support

One of our main goals as your child's behavior therapist is to help caregivers identify what is not working in the home and design a plan for meaningful change.  Parents learn to apply evidence-based procedures and techniques so they will feel confident in their capacity to effectively manage their child's behaviors.  Parent coaching and support from your personal board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) results in parents feeling empowered to create positive long-term behavior change in their children.  Parents can generalize their training for their children to a variety of skill-deficits and behavioral needs.

School Consultation

If your child is having behavior problems at school, a school consultation and support can help your child reach his/her goals.  School support may include:

  • > Classroom observation to identify potential changes and recommendations
  • > Providing independent evaluations of behavior: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)/ Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Writing
  • > Meeting with teachers and administrators to explain the child's learning profile and clarify his/her learning needs
  • > Working collaboratively with teachers and administrators to create a learning environment that supports the student
  • > Teacher training and support to ensure that recommendations can be realistically and successfully implemented
  • >Training and ongoing supervision of student's paraprofessional (if needed)


Behavior Management

Managing their child's problem behaviors can be very frustrating and exhausting for parents.  Through our verbal behavior therapy, parent training, and school consultations (if needed), we have helped decrease a wide variety of problem behaviors using scientifically validated ABA principles and procedures.   First, we determining the causes of the problem behavior by conducting a functional behavior assessment. We then provide the family (and school, if necessary) with a behavior plan as well as training on plan implementation, in order to work together in reducing the problem behaviors.  Common behavior problems we target are:

  • >Tantrums
  • > Aggression
  • > Noncompliance 
  • > Oppositional Defiant Behavior 
  • > Self-Stimulatory or Repetitive Behaviors 

For descriptions of other services, please call us at 305-662-6448 or email us at info@miamibehaviortherapy.com